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Welcome to Liwa Desert Safari

Nestled on the northern border of the Rub Al Khali Desert or the Empty Quarter, lies the mythical Oasis of Liwa awaiting the gentle, wondrous eyes of those who seek its beauty and majesty! Wander amidst the lush groves of date palms, taste the sweetness of the freshwater pools and bask in the grandeur of the panorama that envelopes the Liwa Oasis. The Liwa Desert Safari is a 3-hour journey from the capital city of Abu Dhabi, bordering Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Ranked among the largest Oases in the Arabian Peninsula, the Liwa Oasis is surrounded by large regions of barren desert including the mighty sand dunes like the Tal Mireb or the Moreeb dune which is ranked among the highest sand dunes in the world. Due to the various festivities like the Liwa Date Festival and the Liwa Sports Festival, the Liwa Oasis attracts many farmers and adventure enthusiasts from across the globe.

With Desert Rose Tourism LLC you can experience the serene deserts of Abu Dhabi and the alluring Liwa Oasis like a native Arabian. Desert Rose Tourism LLC is a renowned, professional tour operator in Abu Dhabi that assures a comprehensive service of all your Desert Safari requirements. With a German-Arabic Management team with trained, experienced and licensed, English and Arabic speaking Safari Marshal, Desert Rose Tourism LLC ensures that every faucet of your tour is well looked after. Founded by Ms. Antje Dieta Al Sayed Ali, a German consultant in tourism and leisure related activities, Desert Rose Tourism LLC guarantees you a phenomenal and memorable experience of Abu Dhabi and the enigmatic Oasis of Liwa. Our expert Tour Guides are friendly and well-versed with every corner of the deserts of Abu Dhabi and contain a vast knowledge of the rich culture, heritage, and history of this glorious nation.

Why Liwa Desert Safari with us

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What is the duration of the journey to the Liwa Oasis from Abu Dhabi?

A 3-hour drive from Abu Dhabi.

Where is the pickup location?

Pick-up is possible from any renowned Hotel or Mall within the Abu Dhabi limits.

What is the pickup time?

Pickup timings may vary.

Liwa Day Tour: Pickup time: 8am to 2pm

Liwa Overnight: Pickup time: 1:30 - 2:00 pm & Return time: 12:00 pm (next day)

What is the mode of transport?

4X4 Land cruiser.

Transportation may vary for special packages like the Hummer Desert Safari.

How many persons can be accommodated per car?

4 persons for the Liwa Desert Safari.

Why can the 4x4 land cruiser accommodate only 4 persons for the Liwa Tour?

Safety equipment (for both tours), camping equipment inclusive of tents (for overnight tours) and other necessary supplies required for the tour will occupy the back seat.

What is the recommended dress code for the Liwa Desert Safari?

We recommend comfortable and loose fitting clothing especially during the summers. Light clothing is advised. Summer commences from May and lasts till August. It is recommended to carry extra jackets and wear clothes that completely cover during the winter season. Winter starts from September and lasts till April.

Will sleeping equipment be provided for the Liwa Overnight Safari?

Yes. Blankets and sleeping beds will be provided for the Liwa Overnight Safari with the tents.

What is the cancellation policy?

Any cancellations for individual bookings after 12:00pm will be considered as booked and charges are applicable, except for Friday. Cancellations for Friday bookings must be made a day prior to the day of the tour. Cancellations for the camp private bookings will only be allowed 3 weeks prior to the stipulated date.

Terms and conditions and rate agreements for the above is only valid within the specified camp area. Prices are subject to change with response to the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and Ministry of Municipality Regulations and Systems.


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